Our Story

Who We Are & How We "Sprouted"

We are your average mom and dad who had a dream of something more, and were tired of trying to find the balance between "working to live" and "living to work". I (Angie) have been staying at home with our sweet and sassy 4 year old daughter, Journey, since she was born, while simultaneously working to further my education. After attending Post Secondary and graduating just as the pandemic hit, I realized finding a job in my field of study was going to be tricky during such an unstable time. My husband Josh was lucky enough not to have his full time job affected by lockdowns and layoffs, so he continued to work excruciating hours in the construction industry to afford me the opportunity to stay home and stay safe with our baby girl. Josh has since opted for a rotational position so we can have more family time and more time to work as a team to build Savvy Sprout into something amazing.
In December of 2020, I stumbled upon the world of play couches and quickly became "foam obsessed". I loved the versatility, the endless possibilities, and the idea of extra nap spaces because, let's face it, being a SAHM is exhausting and I am ALWAYS ready to nap anywhere, anytime! After joining what seemed like a million Facebook groups, comparing all of the existing couches on the market, and purchasing one of our own, my husband (my dreamer and my idea guy) said to me "you really know a lot about these things, why don't you design your own?". He's always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but me, not so much. In my own self-doubt I claimed I wasn't capable of starting a play couch company; there were too many unknowns and I worried the market was getting too saturated. Somehow, by February of 2021, I found myself registering a business name, creating a logo, designing our own custom pieces, ordering fabric and foam samples, and diving into Savvy Sprout with both feet.
We have hit many road-blocks along the way, including a foam chemical shortage that derailed our Canadian foam supplier plans, multiple Cut-n-Sew dead ends, and lets not even talk about the Suez Canal catastrophe, but we have adapted and now here we are with a quality product made from a true labour of love and we are so excited to share it with you. We know your kids will have endless hours of play and hopefully you'll get a few spare minutes to drink a hot coffee and put your feet up while the littles are entertained!